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Malik Monk went to check into the game, realized he forgot his jersey

We’ve ALL had one of these moments.

We’ve all had a brain dead moment at work, and on Tuesday night Hornets guard Malik Monk had his.

Monk went to check into the game in the first quarter when he removed his warm-ups by the scorer’s table and realized he didn’t have a jersey on underneath. It forced him to leave the court, head to the locker room and grab his uniform before he could enter the game.

To his credit, Monk bounced back from the jersey mishap and scored 8 points and dished out 7 assists in 23 minutes.

I used to have this recurring nightmare where I’d realize I was at work and had no pants on, and had to scramble to find pants in the middle of the day. It always ended with me waking up while dream James was wandering around a Walmart in the middle of the day without pants on, desperate to find some. The joke was on me — now I work from home I never wear pants.