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Here’s the photo of Boban and Kristin Chenoweth you never knew you needed

This is the best.

Boban Marjanović is 7’3. Actress Kristin Chenoweth is considerable smaller than that.

This is truly a blessed image. Boban is wonderful. Kristin is delightful. It’s all amazing. In the realm of “regular people standing next to NBA centers” this ranks very highly on the scale of amazing, thanks in part to the fact that Chenoweth is 4’11. She’s in heels, and still doesn’t manage to make it to the bottom of the Clippers logo on Boban’s shirt ... HEELS!

What I’d really like to see is a “one night only” kinda deal where Boban and Kristin switch jobs. He has to go play Glinda The Good Witch in Wicked for a night on Broadway, and she has to guard Anthony Davis in a game against the Pelicans. What could possibly go wrong?

Game respect game.