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Nobody can figure out what happened to Markelle Fultz on this play

Aliens? Ghosts? Something more sinister?

We’ve watched this clip of Markelle Fultz about 1,000 times and we can’t work out what happened.

One second he’s bending over to tighten his shoe, the next he’s dodging phantom punches from another dimension. Now, there’s probably a perfectly reasonable explanation like a weird itch or a brief spasm, but those aren’t fun so here’s ...

Nine reasons Markelle Fultz lost control of himself.

  1. He’s working on his flopping.
  2. He had a daydream about being in a kung fu movie.
  3. The Monstars just took control and now he’s going to become an All-Star.
  4. Three basketball ghosts visited him and showed him his future.
  5. He was abducted by aliens just after college and now he’s wrestled control of his body back.
  6. He’s doing “The Elaine”.
  7. Someone told him there was a spider on his shoulder.
  8. Sometimes you just gotta dance.
  9. His shoe wasn’t feeling right and he needed to kick into it.

The sad part is we might not ever know what really happened on Sunday night.