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This college basketball player’s cheap shot was so dirty, he got banned from his own campus

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“His behavior is antithetical to our community values and good sportsmanship,” administrators said.

An incident in a DIII basketball game on Tuesday night is being called the dirtiest play basketball fans will see all season, and we’re only a week in.

Fitchburg State’s Kewan Platt was angry at a non-call at the other end of the court and decided to take his frustration out on shooter Nate Tenaglia. Platt looked to ensure the official wasn’t watching, and leveled Tenaglia with an elbow that left him on the floor.

Initially it was reported that Platt didn’t get penalized or ejected for the hit, but full video of the incident confirmed that a second official saw the shot and booted him from the game. Condemnation of the incident was so widespread that the school took action,

Platt has not spoken publicly about the incident at this time.