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DIII school cancels 2019 football season after 53 straight losses

Five years without a win is causing the program to be re-examined.

Earlham College in Indiana holds one of the most-impressive streaks in sports — if you can consider losing impressive. This week the school announced they were already cancelling their 2019 football season after losing 70-6 to Rose-Hulman on Saturday, their 53rd loss in a row.

The plan is to bring the program back in 2020, but take a year to evaluate what the team is doing with football. Interim school president Avis Stewart explained the decision to suspend the program in a statement posted on the school’s site.

“Our board of trustees has been looking at football with concern for several years, and we agree that it is time to consider whether or not success on the football field is a goal we should pursue,” Stewart says. “This decision was not made easily or lightly, but I am convinced that it is the right one at this point in the history of the College.”

To be fair, Earlham College is a small liberal arts college with just over 1,000 students — so perhaps trying to field a football team shouldn’t be in the cards for them, but the school has been plugging along and some of their on-field accomplishments are stunning.

  • Last win: 21-20 vs. Anderson College — October 26, 2013
  • Worst loss: 83-14 vs. Rose-Hulman — November 11, 2017
  • Average score (2018): 57-8
  • Number of seniors on 2018 team: 3
  • Number of seniors on 2018 who have ever won a game: 0
  • Rivalry record: 0-17 vs. Rose Hulman in the “Battle of the Borders Broadsword Game”

I don’t embrace the idea of making anyone feel bad, but this is a “needs of the many” Star Trek situation here. By telling you all about how terrible Earlham College has been you might feel better about your own terrible team.