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Gritty got attacked by a child during intermission at the Flyers game

The fight for our future begins.

For months we’ve been wondering if there was any hope in fighting back against the entity known as “Gritty,” and on Sunday night one little hero decided to take matters into his own hands.

The mite was on the ice to participate in your typical pick-up game between periods when he decided his only foe was the big orange monster with googly eyes. The warrior fought bravely, trying to bring the beast down — but quickly realized that picking a fight with a 7 ft monster was just too much for his stature.

Gritty picked the child up and dropped him off in the penalty box, which might be the first penalty in mite history.

Also, we REALLY need to talk about the fact Gritty decided to flick his purple belly button because this is truly a cursed image of unspeakable horror.

Is this actually a belly button? If so, Gritty has a mother? Gritty was born like a mammal? Maybe this is a hernia — in which case Gritty should absolutely not be gleefully flicking it like a 5-year-old with a booger on its finger.

I hate all this, except the kid who tried to fight for our future.