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Philly police are upping their game and covering poles in gear oil before the Super Bowl

Dang ...

Philadelphia is upping its game in preparation for fans flooding the streets after the Super Bowl. Last time police covered lamp posts in Crisco to stop people climbing them, now they’re moving up to gear oil.

The highly viscous oil is incredibly difficult to wipe off, and should a fan get it on their clothes, well, it probably isn’t coming out. FOX 29 in Philadelphia went to a mechanic to talk to employees about gear oil, and they explained just how horrid the stuff is compared to Crisco.

“It’s thick, you can’t get it off your clothes, it smells and it’s really tough to clean up.”

Poles along Broad Street and North Philly are expected to be covered in the gear oil this weekend in preparation for Super Bowl night. In addition police are telling fans to expect more of a police presence both from local and state police, with additional mounted police being added to the schedule to cope with the influx of fans following the game.

So have fun, be safe, and remember that if you decide to climb a pole on Sunday night there’s a good chance you’ll be trashing your clothes on Monday. I know that isn’t going to stop you, Philly.