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Virginia students keep hitting $18,000 half-court shots on ‘College GameDay’

This is the third time it’s happened!

A Virginia student named Angus Binnie won $18,000 after hitting a half-court shot on College GameDay.

OK yeah, let’s see that again at a closer angle:

The basketball edition of College GameDay has visited UVA three times during the show’s run, and inexplicably, the school is now 3-for-3 in making half-court shots for $18,000.

It happened in 2015, when student Tyler Lewis won on the fourth attempt.

It happened again in 2016, when senior Andrew Board made it on his first attempt.

I‘m not sure why Virginia students have been perfect in making half-court shots every time College GameDay comes through. What the heck are you eating out there, UVA? But now that we know there’s a streak, the pressure’s on the next Virginia contestant to continue the streak. We’ll see what happens next time.