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Cowboy Cerrone refusing to win when his UFC opponent slipped is pure class

This is what sportsmanship looks like.

The main event of UFC Fight Night: Cowboy vs. Medeiros featured one of the coolest moments you’ll see inside an octagon.

Yancy Medeiros slipped on the mat early in the first round, giving Donald Cerrone the perfect opportunity to pounce and likely close out the fight — but he wasn’t OK with that. Cerrone quickly realized what happened, and instead of taking advantage, he let Medeiros stand up.

The fighter, surprised by his competitor’s generosity, smiled, gave him a high five and a hug, and they went back to fighting. Nobody would have faulted Cerrone for taking advantage of the situation and being opportunistic, but he wanted to win the right way.

Ultimately this classy move and the respect he showed was rewarded, as Cerrone would go on to win via TKO in the first round. It’s proof that sometimes it’s not just about winning, it’s about how you win.