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Steven Adams finally accepted a 3-year-old prom request on Twitter

Prom might be over, but this will live forever.

Lauren was a law student in Oklahoma. I use past-tense here because in 2015 she asked Steven Adams a question.

All she wanted was to take the clean-shaven, boyishly handsome Adams to her law school prom. Lauren asked the question in late January, hopefully giving Adams a few months to see the challenge and reply.

Quickly the internet helped, and got Lauren to 1,000 retweets, but there was just one problem: It didn’t seem like Adams ever saw the tweet.

Thankfully Adams did see it — and he did respond ... three years later.

Unfortunately, Lauren’s law school prom has passed, because it happened three years ago and linear time is cruel. I love that there’s a part of Adams’ brain that saw a three-year old tweet, one specifically mentioning a time sensitive event, and was like “Better late than never.”

It’s like that episode of The Simpsons where Marge gets a response from Ringo Starr to her fan letter 20 years later.

I think it’s nice that Adams decided to reply at all, even if his response really didn’t help anything. Twitter, naturally, had jokes.

Personally, I think Adams is worth the wait. Sure, they can’t go to prom without a time machine — but maybe get some froyo or something? Is frozen yogurt still going to be a thing when Adams answers in 2021?