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These Canadians got a visit from an Olympics-loving moose

Enjoy the games, moose.

The Winter Olympics are kind of a big deal in Canada — even if you’re a moose:

Canada is third in the medal count, and the country has won eight gold medals in Pyeongchang. So it’s understandable why a patriotic moose would want to get in on the action. It’s also impressive how much this moose reinforced every Canadian stereotype.

Now, I’m far from a moose expect — but if I had to guess favorite moose events I would say:

1. Cross-country skiing: Or “walking” to a moose.

2. Bobsled: Because a moose can appreciate controlling a ton of weight while sliding on ice.

3. Snowboard halfpipe: Everyone enjoys a sick 1080. Even a moose.

4. Short track speedskating: Watching humans slip and crash is probably fun for a moose.

5. Ice dancing: Moose love twizzles.

This is a good Olympic moose. Enjoy the games, moose.