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Jimmy Butler made this Make-a-Wish fan’s day less than 24 hours after tearing his meniscus

This is so great.

Jimmy Butler proved that some things are more important than sports on Saturday when the Timberwolves’ All-Star met with a “Make-A-Wish” fan, just one day after he learned about his potentially season-ending meniscus tear in his knee.

“Pay no mind to my crutches, baby. Pay no mind.”

Butler limped into the Wolves’ media room, and despite the disappointment of his injury he made sure to give his full attention to Matthew Long, the fan who was there to meet him. Butler met with his family, who were there as well — and say down with Matthew, described by officials as “the shy one” to talk about sports.

The boy was nervous when he told Butler his favorite sport was football, but the two found common ground.

It’s not uncommon for athletes to go in the tank and become reclusive after an injury — especially during a season as promising at the Timberwolves’, but Butler understood that there was something bigger than basketball happening at the arena on Saturday. The care he took was wonderful, and it shows just how much he cares.

Bravo, Jimmy.