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Philadelphia is lighting fires and climbing poles following the Eagles’ Super Bowl win

This is amazing.

The Eagles won their first Super Bowl in team history, and Philadelphia is rightfully having the celebration of a lifetime. Fans spilled onto the streets and had a party the city will remember for a long, long time.

Philly officials tried to hard to put oil all over the poles on Broad Street to stop people climbing them, but it wasn’t enough ...

And while they remembered to get the poles, they TOTALLY didn’t expect to need to grease up the gates.

Naturally there were fires in the streets:

But there were songs too.

Some students helped keep the mood festive by opening their window and giving fans below a brass accompaniment.

It was wild inside the Fillmore watch party:

But there was always time for love.

Naturally there was a party outside the Wawa, because Philly.

And this kid was having the time of his life indoors.

Hopefully this person is OK:

Nick Foles got ANOTHER SKOL chant:

When a tree became a poor victim of the party, fans were there to help.