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This 87-year-old Eagles fan finally got to pop the champagne bottle he bought in 1980

It’s been a long time waiting to drink this bottle of Andre for one Eagles fan.

The Eagles incredible Super Bowl win was even more special to people who have waited decades to see it happen — people like 87-year-old Frank Markert. He bought a bottle of Andre Brut Champagne in 1980, hoping to pop it after the Eagles beat the Raiders in Super Bowl XV — but alas the moment never came. Frank vowed he wouldn’t drink the bottle until the Eagles won a Super Bowl. Now it happened:

It’s really great to see this moment and also utterly astonishing that a 38-year-old bottle of Andre was vaguely drinkable. I mean, it’s almost assured the bottle turned to vinegar — but nonetheless it tasted good to Frank, because victory is sweeter than anything.