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Ranking the 5 wildest stunts during Philadelphia’s celebrations

Some of these are just too much.

Philadelphia’s reaction to winning the Super Bowl was mostly predictable. There were fires, and lamp post climbing, and singing in the streets while thousands belted out refrains of Fly, Eagles Fly. But what was surprising is how many people were willingly open to risking their lives for the sake of celebration.

These are the wildest stunts from the victory party on Sunday night.

1. Fans jumping off the Ritz Carlton awning.

This is the ultimate trust fall, and you’re putting all your faith in a bunch of drunk people who aren’t especially invested in your personal safety. Seems like a very bad idea.

I still haven’t managed to confirm this person isn’t dead — but I’m assuming we’d have heard about it if he was seriously injured. Also note, this same awning totally collapsed not long after this video was taken because so many people were jumping off it.

2. These fans climbing a giant gate.

I know it’s not the flashiest of death-defying moves, but consider the stakes here. Now, I know it would take a ton of force to rip a gate from its pinions and come crashing down — but IF that happened there’s no telling how bad this would have been.

That wrought iron fence easily weights over 1,000 pounds, add in 20-or-so adults and you’re looking at roughly 4,000 pounds falling, likely backwards, into a crowd of hundreds. Honestly, everyone is lucky they’re OK.

3. This dude flapping like an eagle on a greased lamp post.

You know Philly’s celebration was out of control when a greased pole climb only makes No.3 on this list. City officials covered poles in motor oil after Crisco proved ineffective following the NFC Championship game.

I just love the gusto of going one-handed in the flap here. Like the awning dive there are people below who could maybe have caught him, but really who was going to?

4. Horse sh** dinner.

Consider this your palette cleanser from the more physically dangerous moments. This is a clear case of germ warfare, except the germs are willingly being crammed into someone’s mouth socket. Street poop is nothing to mess around with, and there’s no telling how long it sat on the street accumulating parasites before this Eagles fan crammed it in his mouth.


Fire is innately one of the most dangerous things around, which means this makes the list. People were responsible enough not to try to jump the fire or dive into it, so it sits at No.5 — but still a good effort and example of combustible materials being used for celebratory mirth.

You went big, Philly — and bold — and dangerous. Congratulations on your Super Bowl win, and may lady luck remain on your side the next time you jump off something.