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Gronk crashed a bachelor party dressed like a leprechaun, said he could play for the ‘69ers’

Never change, Gronk.

There’s a certain expectation when you have your bachelor party on St. Patrick’s Day — but even imagining the wildest scenario possible you probably don’t think of this.

It looks like Gronk. It sounds like something Gronk would say. And it’s been established that Gronk was in Nashville for St. Paddy’s Day — so all of this checks out. There’s something simple and beautiful about putting in the effort to don a fake beard and hat, but not give an eff enough to wear anything but workout shorts and a short-sleeved hoodie.

Little did Gronk know he wasn’t simply crashing any bachelor party, but that of John Breech — an NFL writer for CBS Sports, and son of long-time kicker Jim Breech.

So at least we got one solid piece of information out of this: Gronk is still mulling his retirement. That’s good news for Patriots fans, but it seems he’s weighing his options with “the 69ers,” which isn’t currently a team, but in Gronk’s imagination anything is possible.