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The Brewers’ homage to ‘The Sandlot’ will have you feeling so nostalgic

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This is wonderful.

Nothing makes it feel like spring more than the realization that baseball will soon be upon us, and the Brewers took that to the next level with an incredible recreation of The Sandlot.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most iconic kid’s sport movies of all time and this has me feeling so dang nostalgic. Growing up in Australia I never got to play youth baseball, so I lived vicariously through The Sandlot and this is just perfect.

Props to everyone involved — they nailed it, but Stephen Vogt as “Ham” is pure perfection.

The whole video is the dose of pure nostalgia I needed. Clearly there was time and craft put into this beyond a hastily thrown together homage. There was love and appreciation on a level most teams don’t go to.

We even get a dang appearance from Hank at the end, playing the role of the mean dog.

It’s all so great. Also, it’s hard to believe The Sandlot turns 25-years old on April 1. The march of time is crueler than a junkyard dog.