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Daniel Bryan medically cleared to wrestle again by WWE

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Daniel Bryan competing in the WWE again? YES!

According to WWE, the former world champion has been cleared to wrestle.

WWE fans have wanted Bryan to get inside the squared circle for years now. He last wrestled for the company in 2015, just weeks after winning the intercontinental championship at WrestleMania 31. But after WrestleMania, Bryan reportedly suffered a concussion before WWE’s European tour. His future performing had been murky since then until he announced his in-ring retirement months later in 2016.

His wife and WWE wrestler Brie Bella has previously detailed Bryan’s treatment, yet stated his wrestling days were far from over. Bryan himself has talked about an in-ring return on various occasions. He has also said he would change his wrestling style to a safer one to get back in it:

“I’m contemplating ... I’m trying to get back to wrestling. I don’t think that that’s a real secret. But I also, if I want to come back to wrestling, I want to wrestle a much safer style, right?”

Although he has not been an active competitor, Bryan has been on TV ever since. First he provided commentary for WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic alongside Mauro Ranallo and then he became the on-screen general manager for WWE SmackDown.

It remains to be seen if Bryan will have a match at this year’s WreslteMania in New Orleans April 8 but the chances are pretty high.