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Good news: There are Sister Jean bobbleheads! Bad news: They will cost you.

Totally, 100%, undoubtedly worth it.

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Watching Loyola-Chicago in this year’s NCAA Tournament has been absolutely incredible, and having their fearless leader Sister Jean around has made it even better.

But how is much is this amazing experience worth? According to eBay — anywhere between $150 and $650... plus shipping.

That’s right — for just a few hundred bucks, you too can own a moment of history in the form of a Sister Jean bobblehead doll! Quite possibly the greatest piece of sports memorabilia ever.

Now, if you’re like me, you want your Sister Jean bobblehead NOW — or at least in time to be holding it proudly when Loyola Chicago wins the national championship. But for those who want to wait (and/or not spend hundred on an eBay collectibles), you can pre-order one from the Loyola-Chicago athletic department for just $25.

Not a bad deal!

But if you’ll excuse me, I need to talk to bank about a $650 loan that I need, uh, immediately.