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The Rangers’ new pickle dog will either make you drool or recoil in fear

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Would you eat it?

The Rangers have a new ballpark item that will either make you drool or recoil in fear. There is no middle ground.

Do I like corndogs? Yes. Do I like pickles? Yes. This all checks out.

More than anything I’m impressed by the culinary science of this. It takes a deft hand to make a corn dog and ensure the hot dog stays hot despite being wrapped in a pickle insulator. Really this is a ballpark beef wellington, and I’ve seen enough people mess those up on Hell’s Kitchen to be impressed.

I also like that it looks like a giant olive when you have a cross section. All hail martini dog.

UPDATE: So far the Dilly Dog is a MAMMOTH success. The Rangers have already sold $25,000 in pickle dogs. What a time to be alive.