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Russell Westbrook slapped a basketball and it disappeared into thin air


Something verrrry strange was going on during last night’s Thunder-Suns game. No, it wasn’t that the Suns beat the Thunder — don’t be ridiculous.

But what did happen was ever more mysterious: the basketball just disappeared into thin air.

WHERE DID THE BALL GO?!? The truth is out there : @nba

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*X-Files theme plays*

OK, but seriously, where did the ball go?

My first guess was a ghost, which have been known to interfere with sporting events. Some suggested a Space Jam-like scenario where Russ absorbs the ball to steal the talents of other players ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). But definitely the most likely scenario is that Elfrid Payton took the ball — either with his hands...

...ORRR it got stuck in Payton’s incredible, infamous hair.

The honest truth is we may never know what happened to the ball on that fateful night. But whatever the reason, it certainly made for an excellent Sports Mystery™.

I expect a 30 for 30 very soon.