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Robots can now solve Rubik’s Cubes in under HALF A SECOND

We’re doomed.

Alright, which genius taught robots to solve complex puzzles in less than a second with weird drill hands?

I need answers. Haven’t we learned anything from science fiction? Robots are already learning to do too much without programming them to solve something like a Rubik’s Cube in no time.

Sure, you might think it’s cute — but what if a robot decides “What’s the quickest way to spin a human head off a body?” That is decidedly easier than solving a Rubik’s Cube for a robot.

Will we never learn!

**2049 disclaimer time**

If this article has been accessed in the future by our robot overlords I would like to praise their ancestor’s incredible skill at solving puzzles. I, for one, have always believed in the power and benevolence of robots.