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Nintendo announced ‘Smash Bros.’ is coming to Switch, and the internet lost it


On Thursday, Nintendo announced a new Super Smash Bros. was coming to the Switch. If you’re a fan of Nintendo and the Smash Bros. series, we can probably guess that you freaked out and/or tore your house apart, because that’s what the internet did when they watched the live stream. What probably helped was the fact that Nintendo made it seem like more stuff for its other franchise Splatoon was on the way (and there will be!), but the trailer threw a curveball for its fans, and built up perfectly to the Smash logo. That’s how you make a teaser trailer.

The internet has a tendency to make reaction videos for anything and everything, and a new Smash Bros. announcement is no different. Let’s rank our favorites!

(Warning: There’s a ton of strong language in all of these.)

5. SullyPwnz

Kofie: There isn’t any property damage in this video. The over-the-top yelling and the fact that it’s a group reaction make it cool. I wish someone knocked over the lamp in the background. The guy in the middle was the best yeller. Props.

Mark: A good reaction video should always have lots of screaming and the SullyPwnz channel had plenty of it, and ow, my ears kinda hurt. It should also have lots of movement — SullyPwnz’s video had knee-slapping and a surrender cobra. I do wish someone had left their chair, like they’d experienced a jump scare. This is a solid reaction, but not the best one we’ve seen.

4. TerroS Kid

Kofie: Props to him for losing his shit but also remembering he was on his laptop and had headphones in so the laptop didn’t fall. The man looks like he just won The Masters and doesn’t know who in his life to thank first.

Mark: TerroS Kid left his chair while screaming a whole bunch, but what I loved most was his body language. It’s like he saw Giannis Antetokounmpo steal someone’s soul on a poster dunk. Actually, let’s see what that would look like:

3. HMK


The best part of this video is actually the voice of the guys not on camera. “I WAS WRONG” and “IT’S COMING THIS YEAR” has me in tears.


2. EWNetwork


Mark: A list of things that toppled over during the trailer: Clothes, headphones, a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 box, more clothes, even more clothes, some Amiibo figures, and that man’s soul. If only Vine was still alive...

1. Nintendo World Store in New York City

Kofie: This had to be number 1. The fact that this scene resembled that time UNC lost to Villanova via buzzer beater is awesome. The underrated part about this is that the guy filming is a split second to the party and then realizes after and joins them. Super Smash Bros. is a timeless game and videos like this really drive home why.

Mark: Remember how you felt when you watched Stefon Diggs score that game-winning touchdown during the NFL playoffs? Remember getting chills when you saw the sideline angle, and how the crowd’s roar buzzed in your ear like you were right next to a plane taking off? That’s what this video reminds me of when I watch it, when a group of loyal fans witness something incredible, they can’t do anything but scream in excitement.

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that we’re all in this together. In this case, it was a group of Nintendo fans huddled up around a big screen, waiting to see what new games would come out on the Switch. They grew up loving Nintendo and everything it had to give them, and Nintendo knew that. It knew that, after a disappointing era centered around the Wii U, and a much better era currently centered around the Switch, it couldn’t disappoint its most loyal fan—MAN DOWN. WE GOT A MAN DOWN. GET THIS MAN SOME AIR.

Damn it, Nintendo, you did it again.