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These videos of the weather at the Boston Marathon will make you glad you stayed home


The Boston Marathon is being run Monday and the weather is ... not good. Really, that’s downplaying how bad it is. The city is being hit with near-freezing conditions, pelting rain, and 25 mile-per-hour winds. Running 26.2 miles is bad enough — running it in this just seems like a cruel joke.

Your first reaction might be to say “I’d rather run in the rain and stay cool,” but this is far worse. Officials are preparing to deal with potential cases of hypothermia, as well as blisters and chaffing caused by the excess of rain.

It’s also hugely disappointing for runners who put in the time to qualify for the race. They had to record a time at another marathon just to be able to run in Boston, now they’re being met with this.

Every forecast shows there being no chance of a turnaround. Rain forecasts show a 100 percent chance of precipitation until 5 p.m., and the winds will sustain too. It’s going to make things supremely difficult for runner to compete. This video of people walking down the street early Monday morning show just how bad the winds are right now, let alone the rain.

The 2018 race will be the coldest since 2009, where the high only reached 47 degrees. However, there was no rain in ‘09, so the risks to runners this year are even greater. The Boston Globe published some helpful suggestions to runners who need to try and combat the rain, which included wearing plastic gloves, having someone meet you halfway with dry shoes, and not wearing excess clothing.

Hopefully the competitors already have plans, because this race is going to be miserable.