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Dwyane Wade thanked Kevin Hart’s trash talk for his Game 2 performance

Talk about motivation.

Playoff Dwyane Wade is back, much to the chagrin of Kevin Hart.

On Monday when the Heat took on the Sixers, Dwyane Wade came off the bench and provided the momentum that Miami needed to steal a game in Philadelphia. Wade scored 28 points in total, with 21 of those in just the first half. It felt like Wade stepped into a time machine and was playing with LeBron and Bosh all over again.

But it wasn’t that Wade bent the rules of time and space. All he really needed was to see Kevin Hart on the sideline, yelling throughout the entire game. Every time the TNT cameras panned to the crowd, you could see Hart standing up, screaming, and waving his hands.

The Heat had a lead so great that at one point, it looked like Hart was ready to tear away his 76ers shirt and step on the court to guard Wade. But can you blame him? The Eagles are Super Bowl champs and many have the 76ers going far into the playoffs. If your teams are good, you can talk all the trash you want.

After the game, Wade talked to Ramona Shelburne about his performance. Wade said, “You can thank Kevin Hart for that.” Wade and Hart are friends so this is all in good fun, but Kevin Hart might want to tone it down a bit for Game 3 — unless he wants to motivate Flash like that again.

Wade later went on Twitter to point out one thing: he was not making fun of Allen Iverson, who was sitting courtside with Hart. He’s a legend, so that would be disrespectful. But Kevin Hart? That’s fine.