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Drake is trashing the Wizards even more than the Raptors are

God’s Plan.

Drake is doing his best to get under the Wizards’ skin — and it’s working. In fact, I haven’t seen someone so mercilessly taunting a sad wizard since Bellatrix mocked Harry Potter after Dumbledore died. The Raptors are up 2-0 on the series, and Drake is up 2-1 on making fun of opposing players.

John Wall and Drake chirp on Instagram.

Wall asks Drake to bring his hatin’ a-game. Drake accepts. Wall asked for this.

Game 1: Wall engages Drake

There were eight minutes left in the second quarter when Wall decided to chirp and Drake and the pair and a back-and-forth. Trash talking is fine, but normally you want to direct it at a player — not someone court side.
Drake wins.

Game 2: Drake escalates the aggression.

The Wizards lost by 11 ... so Drake was kind of close.
Drake wins.

Game 2: Drake calls Kelly Oubre a bum.

I feel kinda bad for Wave Papi. He didn’t ask for this. As far as I’m concerned he is an innocent bystander who got dragged into this because Wall wanted to beef with Drake. One second he’s expecting to see his friend at a basketball game, the next he’s being called a bum and left wondering what his summer plans are going to look like. He took it in stride, however and I feel bad for him, so ...
Kelly wins.

We’ll continue to monitor this beef unfold as it happens.