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Pat McAfee’s dad pulling off the best ‘Jenga’ move will keep you on the edge of your seat


Pat McAfee’s dad is a wizard when it comes to Jenga, and thankfully the former Colts punter documented it all.

Haters will say it’s fake, but this Jenga move is totally real — and this is definitely McAfee’s dad. You can tell by the absolute dad look of a brand tee (Martin guitars, in this case), tucked into faded jeans, with a belt and a sensible haircut. Your dad probably has this look somewhere in his wardrobe — all dads do.

What I don’t buy is this is Dad McAfee’s first time playing Jenga. This is some pro-level, Jenga-shark move you drop at the bar and take someone’s money. Not buying that he’s a rookie by any stretch with moves like this.

McAfee’s laugh is also delightful. It has a very Chris Farley element to it, which I appreciate.