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A woman got engaged to a dinosaur at the London Marathon

Love is not extinct.

What can I say, I love love. I love a sappy rom-com. I love that scene in Love Actually when the dude from The Walking Dead holds up the sign to Keira Knightly. I love Hallmark movies where a woman leaves her high-powered job as a lawyer in the city to return home to discover herself before falling in love with a down-to-earth lumberjack who loves her AND her son from a previous relationship. I also love when people get engaged to dinosaurs.

I gotta hand it to t-rex dude. You have to be secure in your relationship to propose in public and REALLY secure in it to propose in a dinosaur costume. Let alone one with a name tag that says “Roary.”

Shout out to old boy too for making this his proposal after an eight-and-a-half year relationship. This is setting the bar real low for your marriage, and you know what ... I salute it. You can’t change people, so if you accept a proposal from a dinosaur in public then you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

I wish this couple every happiness.