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James Harden is living my best life by eating ice cream and watching baseball alone

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James Harden can do whatever James Harden wants, but I gotta take a sec to applaud the man for his choice of Monday night entertainment.

Can this be a judgement-free space to share a universal truth? Watching entertainment alone is a damn joy that we’ve been convinced to stigmatize because it means getting less butts in seats. Watching a movie alone is one of the purest, best things you can do — even if you have a large friends group or a significant other. There’s no risk of someone in your group talking, you have full autonomy to stay for the credits, you have total control over snack choices. Watching a movie alone removes all the anxiety from the experience, and sports are the same way.

Top all this off with Harden choosing a mini helmet ice cream, objectively one of the best snacks in all of sports, and you have the perfect evening for a dude who is doing his best reverse Ryan Gosling impression and trying to kill jazz.