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The Brewers are playing ‘Fortnite’ on the Miller Park jumbotron!

Best. Set up. Ever.

Nobody has a better Fortnite setup than the Milwaukee Brewers.

When Mom tells you to turn off @fortnite and go play outside.

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On Wednesday the team decided to play a little battle royale while waiting for their turn at batting practice, turning the stadium into their living room for a little Fortnite action. It’s a pretty momentous feat when you think about it, because it required a PS4 to be set up in a location where it could feed the massive jumbotron, and be close enough to pick up the Bluetooth from the controller.

We used to do this when I was a manager at a movie theater in college, but the lag between the console and digital projector was too much to overcome. Clearly the Brewers are living their best gaming life.