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Katie Ledecky broke her own 1500m world record by 5 SECONDS like it was nothing

Oh look, Katie Ledecky casually broke ANOTHER ONE OF HER WORLD RECORDS!

Katie Ledecky’s ability to smash world records is just absurd. On Wednesday, she crushed her own women’s 1500 meter record by a staggering five seconds.

Ledecky rolled up to the Pro Swim Series in Indianapolis and dropped the fastest time in human history, in a race she ended up winning by over 30 seconds. This was a regional event — not even the Olympics, or an event with real challengers to her crown. Further proof that there is nobody for Ledecky to race at this point except herself.

In the course of this race, Ledecky only swam three laps slower than 31.0 seconds. The swimmer in second place only completed one lap in less than 31.0 seconds. Somehow she’s only getting better, and the world record progression in the 1500 meters proves it.

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It took 19 years for Kate Ziegler to break the record and become the first women to swim under 15:50. Now in the five years since Ledecky has been breaking records she’s smashed the world record six times and reduced the overall record by 22.06 seconds.

And then you realize she’s only 21-years old. We could be seeing this for YEARS to come.