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The Mountain from ‘Game of Thrones’ finally won his first ‘World’s Strongest Man’ competition

It’s eluded him for so long!

It’s been a long road for The Mountain, but he’s finally done it! Hafthor Bjornsson won his first “World’s Strongest Man” titles in the Phillipines this weekend after years of having it elude him.

Bjornsson, perhaps best known for playing “The Mountain” on Game of Thrones has plenty of titles to his name — but never the big one. He’s won “Europe’s Strongest Man” in four of the past five years, but since debuting in 2011 in “World’s Strongest Man” he’s reached the podium six times, until now.

A strong first day put Bjornsson in position to make the podium again as he led after competition finished on Saturday, but things were in the balance as he reached the final events — the car pull, atlas stone and loading race. He finished high enough in the events to take home the title and finally get the finish he’s been wanting for so many years.

Oberon’s skull never stood a chance.