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Was this Rockets’ meme video genius or an incomprehensible mess?

Honestly don’t know.

Hi internet, it’s me, James. Need a little help with something. On Tuesday night, the Rockets closed out their series against the Jazz and then posted this. After a full night’s sleep I still can’t decide if it’s amazing or horrible.

It starts as a remix of the scene from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Uncle Phil taught the family about classical music, except Harden is Uncle Phil, the Jazz are DJ Jazzy Jeff and the classical music is replaced with Z-Ro’s “I’m So Houston.”

It’s at this point the meme is fine and funny, albeit a little long — then it gets weird. Instead of Jazzy scratching the classical album, he puts on experimental jazz, leading to him getting tossed out of the house. In then transitions into the “Shooting Stars” meme, before the Jazz land back in Utah and explode.

I honestly can’t tell is this is genius or a total mess. Is it too many memes layered on top of memes until we got a memeception that caused Utah to fold over onto Houston? I really don’t know. Help me.