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Ichiro after receiving a text from Tom Brady: ‘Who the f*** is Tom Brady?’

The discipline is amazing.

Ichiro’s legend is unparalleled and that is only solidified further by this anecdote from Peter Gammons.

“Who the f*** is Tom Brady?”

Let this sink in for a sec. Ichiro, who has been in MLB since 2001, somehow went 16 years without any knowledge whatsoever of who Tom Brady is. He made it through Super Bowls, DeflateGate, Carnivale dancing — all with no knowledge of who this man is.

This takes a level of discipline most of us can only dream about. It took A-Rod giving away his number unsolicited for him to learn who the Patriots’ QB is, and that includes times he’s hosted Saturday Night Live.

You can probably chalk this lack of awareness up to life in baseball, but still it makes you wonder what other things Ichiro is totally unaware of.