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Behold this 7-foot tall 12-year-old completely demolishing his opponents on an 8-foot rim

This shouldn’t be legal.

I am in awe of 7' Olivier Rioux, who happens to be 12 years old.

It’s the purest example of tape of someone completely breaking the sport they play. Watching a 7‘ kid mercilessly destroy his competition on an eight-foot rim is magical. It feels like we’re witnessing something from a kid’s movie, not a child’s nightmare.

Seriously, what are you supposed to do when you’re facing Rioux and he’s a solid three feet taller than you are? That’s a rhetorical question, because the only answer is to abandon all hope, give up, and wait for the sweet release of death.

I love that Rioux jumps when he dunks. He doesn’t have to, his arms are already above the rim — but it creates the illusion of effort. There is also no mercy on defense. Look at this poor sap trying to do a layup when Rioux is nearby.

He got blocked into oblivion. As one would expect.

Rioux is great. He’s already my idol. When I was 12 years old I was placed on a team of refugees who had never dribbled a basketball before because I registered for the league late. We lost our 15 games that season by an average of 97 points. Nobody on the team scored but me — and the league had to issue a warning to the other teams to stop quintuple teaming me because nobody was learning how to play basketball.

If I was Oliver Rioux, we could have won it all.