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The sons of Brazil’s most famous superfan are carrying on their dad’s legacy in Russia

Clovis will never be forgotten.

Clovis Acosta Fernandes was more than a super fan, he was an institution. For 25 years he followed the Brazilian national team, watching Seleção play over 150 matches in person.

In 2015 Clovis passed away after a battle with cancer, but his impact on the sport was so profound that the World Cup’s official Instagram account decided to celebrate his life.

The 2018 World Cup represents the first since 1990 that Clovis won’t be able to attend, but his spirit and joy is being carried on in Russia, courtesy of his sons.

Frank and Gustavo brought their father’s iconic replica of the World Cup that he carried to every match, and will be preserving his spirit and joy. The sons are preparing for Brazil’s opening match against Switzerland by meeting with other Brazil fans, letting soccer lovers pose with their father’s trophy, and sharing his passion for the game.

Brazil may be without their 12th man today, but his spirit will never be forgotten. Somewhere Clovis is going to be watching this game. I’m sure of it.