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Samoa and Tonga starting their rugby game with head-to-head war dances will give you goosebumps

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Countries doing native war dances pre-game is one of the best traditions in rugby. The most famous is easily New Zealand and the Maori Haka, but on Saturday Tonga and Samoa went head-to-head in one of the best sports moments you’ll see all year.

Tonga and Samoa were facing off in their rugby league Pacific Test match, which was played in Sydney on Saturday and after their national anthems they met at center field to assert themselves.

Tonga performed the Sipi Tau, which has the best, most-metal introductory paragraph.

I shall speak to the whole world. The Sea Eagles are famished unfurl. Let the foreigner and sojourner beware. Today, destroyer of souls, I am everywhere. To the halfback and backs. Gone has my humanness.

Meanwhile Samoa’s Siva Tau, which is a little less metal and more motivational.

Let’s go to the war! Fight fiercely! Work to achieve! The Manu! Let’s go!

The Manu Samoa, may you succeed in your mission

The Manu Samoa, may you succeed in your mission

The crowd was absolutely losing it, especially when the two sides were almost face-to-face at midfield.

This was incredible.