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LeBron James mural in LA painted over after repeated vandalism

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Not everyone is happy with their new king.

The incredible LeBron James mural in Los Angeles is gone. Artist Jonas Never immortalized LeBron on the side of a BBQ joint in Venice after The King announced he would be signing with the Lakers.

But it only took five days before people began to destroy it. It’s unclear why people would want to destroy the image of LeBron, but some have posited that it’s either regular old LeBron haters, or die-hard Kobe Bryant fans who detest any suggestion that LeBron belongs in the same conversation as Kobe.

Either way, after recent vandalism the artist decided to take it down.

A few people drove by while Never was covering up his piece and voiced their love of the mural, but some things are just too beautiful for this world.

Seriously, y’all — it’s 2018. Don’t run out with paint cans and destroy people’s art just because you don’t like it. Be mature and take photo, go home and tear it apart in Photoshop. It’s much funnier and nobody’s work gets ruined.