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LeBron James and his $500 Lakers shorts were the focus of the Summer League on Sunday

Good shorts.

LeBron James made his Lakers debut wore Lakers shorts on Sunday night when he attended the team’s Summer League game against the Pistons.

LeBron walked in wearing shorts with a curiously placed “Lakers” logo.

And naturally, because this is 2018 and a celebrity wore something they went out of stock almost immediately — despite costing $500.

While LeBron didn’t play, because it’s Summer League and LeBron doesn’t play in Summer League — he did use the opportunity to meet one of his new teammates!

Though things got just a touch awkward when the Cavaliers turned up. They were scheduled to play immediately after the Lakers, meaning LeBron was bound to run into some of his former coworkers.

Of course there was mutual respect with Ty Lue.

But when it came time for the rest of the Cavaliers to come out and warm up, LeBron bounced.

You can’t really blame LeBron for leaving. It’s like seeing your ex at the grocery store. You’ve just go to steer into the skid and dance around each other, not because you think it’ll be bad — but you just want to avoid any possible awkwardness that could arise from running into each other.