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A real-life scientist points out exactly how wrong Jose Canseco is about science

He’s no scientist ...

On Sunday night Jose Canseco took to Twitter to explain his plan for perpetual energy.

I wanted to give Jose Canseco a chance. Maybe the former MLB star had somehow stumbled upon an untapped energy resource that would solve all the worlds problems and usher in a new era of prosperity and peace. Perhaps he would become the god king of modern society and forge connections with worlds from across the universe.

I reached out to John Wilkerson, an expert in neutrinos at the University of North Carolina and asked him about Canseco’s science. I was sure he’d have his mind-blown by Canseco’s brilliance.

“Basically nonsense.”

Wilkerson wonders if Canseco had seen an announcement from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in the South Pole and used that as the basis of his tweets. It should be noted that while the announcement was a major breakthrough, it wasn’t really related to anything Canseco attempted to talk about.

So remember, when it comes to Jose Canseco and science it’s probably safe to say his tweets are “basically nonsense.”