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The internet is in love with ‘Big Al’ the dinger-hitting LLWS hero


Alfred Delia’s team might have lost in the Little League World Series, but the kid is a hero.

Everything is perfect about ‘Big Al.”

  1. He likes to hit dingers.
  2. He actually hit a dinger on Saturday.
  3. I love that there is a child named ‘Alfred’ in 2018.
  4. How the heck do you get such a perfectly raspy voice so young in life?

I was a husky child, and I never had the confidence ‘Big Al’ does to grip it, rip it and flaunt it on live TV. He’s pretty much the perfect baseball boy, and the internet loves him.

Sadly Middletown didn’t make the LLWS tournament after being eliminated in an 11-1 loss, but you know where that one run came from.