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Bud Light put free beer fridges all over Cleveland for the Browns win

The Browns beat the Jets on Thursday night, which will likely lead to a bunch of sick days being burned on Friday.

Here’s something that Browns fans can actually make use of this season:

The fridges were placed all over Cleveland, including at FirstEnergy Stadium, in August. They remained locked until the Browns won their first regular season game, which happened in Week 3 when Baker Mayfield led them to a comeback win over the Jets.

The fridges were supposed to be unlocked from Bud Light central via WiFi, and we assume chaos would ensue as people try to grab free beer. Check out what happened.

Cleveland Scene was able to identify where 14 fridges were located — aside from the stadium and Joe Thomas’ house — for any fan who wanted to fight through crowds of thirsty fans to pick up your free silo of macrobrew.

Brownie the Elf and Chomps wanted that Bud:

You could tell me the beer was tainted with a super virus and I’d 100 percent believe this is the perfect introduction to a Cleveland-specific zombie movie. Actually, the Browns are a lot like a zombie when you think about it: A shambling, neither dead nor alive machination that only causes pain and suffering. If you’re reading this from the international space station and northeast Ohio is a blackened zone of nothing Friday night, remember: it was the fridges.

I take it all back. This idea was perfect.