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This nun threw out a first pitch so good she belongs in the majors

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A thing of beauty.

Sister Mary Jo Sobieck didn’t expect to become an overnight sensation, but that happened on Saturday night when she threw out the first pitch at the White Sox game and blew everyone’s minds.

Sister Mary Jo was attending the game as part of Marian Catholic High School night, and got the word ahead of time that she’d be throwing out the first pitch. After some practice in the school gym she rocked up to the mound like she owned the place, and after this pitch — she does.

We’ve seen people younger, and seemingly more athletic than Sister Mary Jo try to throw out first pitches before, all with varying degrees of success. What makes this astounding is her ability to paint the plate with a nasty 12-6 curve that even gave White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito pause.

Be like Sister Mary Jo — not like 50 Cent.