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Everyone is losing it over Kawhi Leonard’s giant hands

Kawhi’s hands aren’t real, right?

On Tuesday night ESPN’s Marc J. Spears posted a photo of some of the NBA’s biggest stars working out together in the offseason. It’s hard to imagine a world where LeBron James and Kevin Durant get overshadowed, but they were — by Kawhi Leonard’s mammoth hands.


Kawhi is able to completely hide basketball with these mitts. Durant is standing right next to him and Kawhi’s hands are easily two-times their size. I’m in absolute awe of these digits. It’s not like we didn’t already have a grasp on the fact that Kawhi Leonard has really big hands, but sometimes it’s nice to get a reminder, yanno?

Twitter was definitely taken aback by them as well.

Thank you Kawhi and your giant hands to bring us some joy. Joy at marveling at your huge hands.