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These kids created bottlecap baseball and it’s the best sport ever

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Best new sport ever.

Some schoolkids in Japan have created a new sport that combines baseball, ping pong and bottle caps — and we’re absolutely dying to play.

Imagine small-scale Wiffle Ball. It’s a sport that can be played indoors, with limited space — and keeps all the trappings of what makes baseball great. By using small, aerodynamic objects like ping pong balls and bottle caps the surrounding air has a greater influence on their trajectory, and when you factor in player skill the amount of break pitchers get on their objects is astounding.

This is the home-grown “Kansai Plastic League,” and it seriously looks like so much fun. It’s difficult to find the rules of the game, because there’s no official website outlining exactly what’s going on — but judging from the videos is appears players have the option to either pitch a bottle cap by hand, or serve a ping pong ball to a batter.

Imagine what this one small change has on the game. Instead of the variation in pitchers being left vs. right, you have two entirely different projectiles to content with, both offering different advantages. Naturally the ping pong ball moves faster, but its path is a little more predictable — while the bottle cap is like a knuckle ball that’s almost impossible to hit, thanks to spin put on it by the pitcher.

This just looks amazing.