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Marquette King released a short film dissing Jon Gruden moments after beating the Raiders

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This is the best weird thing of the NFL season so far.

Marquette King had a tweet ready to go as soon as the Broncos beat the Raiders on Sunday, and we have a feeling this multi-part short film is going to be something special.

King’s Dear BFF has something of a David Lynch vibe to it. Just a dude, drinking a bottle of wine on the roof of a building while a Chucky doll covered in dollar bills stares at him. I’d like to call this a “diss”, but I honestly don’t know what the diss would be other than pointing out the obvious — the Raiders were dumb for letting King go, the Broncos won and to the victor go the spoils, and the memes.

It’s the “#Part1” of all this that excites me the most. In the end I hope we have a tapestry of weirdness that is worthy of an Emmy. If you could win Emmys for web-based videos.

It should be pointed out that King was a punting god on Sunday, finishing with a 51-yard average on the night.