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This baseball coach got all the mean tweets because he shares a name with the Browns’ kicker

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Don’t do this, folks.

Any time you see someone fail at an athletic endeavor you should spare a thought for the poor people who happen to share a name with them.

Baseball coach Zane Gonzalez learned this the hard way on Sunday after (now former) Browns kicker Zane Gonzalez missed two field goals and it led to a 21-18 loss against the Saints.

Honestly, I loathe the entire process of “I am angry about my sports team losing, so I will angrily tweet at them.” Nobody is harder on athletes than themselves, so saying something mean to them really doesn’t achieve much.

That said, the person who is cursing Zane Gonzalez with a lifetime of toe stubs is just plain mean. That’s a level of vindictiveness that nobody deserves — even a football player who missed a kick that could have led to a Browns’ victory.