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This terrifying soccer tunnel is the most intimidating thing in sports

Nooooope! I’m good out here.

There are a bunch of things that a super intimidating in sports, but nothing compares to the walk from the dressing room to the pitch at Rajko Mitić Stadium in Serbia, home of the Red Star Belgrade.

It’s a cavernous, winding route in the bowels of the stadium — lined by heavily-armed police and with the ever present sound of screaming voices and the occasional fireworks explosion. The intimidation factor is through the roof, and the whole thing looks like a game play video of Fallout 4.

There’s something kind of beautiful about this. Sure, it’s terrifying — but also relieving that in an age over hyper-sanitized sports and perfect million dollar locker rooms, there still exists a dank murder hallway that mega stars have to walk down.

A little bit of fear makes you know you’re alive. It’s the same reason I can’t help but buy deeply discounted cold cuts on their expiration date.