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6 players we want to see in ‘Space Jam 2’ alongside LeBron James

There are so many NBA and WNBA players to choose from for the ‘Space Jam’ sequel.

John Elliott - Front Row - September 2018 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Now that the sequel to Space Jamstarring LeBron James and produced by Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler — is in the works, we have so many questions. The movie will release on July 16, 2021 as announced by Springhill Ent.

Will Swackhammer, the former leader of the Nerdlucks/Monstars, return to seek revenge on the Looney Tunes only to find out that there’s a new crop of pro basketball legends waiting for them? Will Michael Jordan make a cameo appearance? Will every cartoon character now have access to a smartphone now that it’s the future?

And as fantastic as it would be to see the original NBA players show up — guys like Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, and Muggsy Bogues — we need some current stars. So who should be in Space Jam 2? Here are just a few suggestions for LeBron and the crew to consider:

Kyrie Irving

Hear me out: this is the best idea. Kyrie’s film Uncle Drew was released in theaters this summer so he already has movie acting experience. LeBron does too, but he didn’t play a role as crucial in Trainwreck as Kyrie played in Uncle Drew. Kyrie would have the upper hand and be the leader on set — the thing he couldn’t be with LeBron on the court. Those are some next-level mind games, which Irving would love.

And we all know Kyrie and LeBron made up. AND we know he loves the drama.

Boban Marjanovic

Boban is already so tall, even for an NBA player, that people already want to know what it feels like to walk in that 7′3″ frame. That’s just one step below stealing someone’s talents, which how the Nerdlucks transformed into the Monstars. In the last movie the Monstars voluntarily gave up the stolen talents after losing to the Tune Squad and later became friends them. So while the tiny multicolored aliens probably won’t steal talents this time around, some new villain will totally see Boban and attempt it instead.

Candace Parker

The first Space Jam introduced Lola Bunny to the Looney Tunes world. And Lola could hoop, unlike most of of the other Tune Squad players. During the pivotal game, she climbed the Monstars’ orange absolute unit of a leader and used his face as a diving board for an easy dunk.

But the sequel needs more women playing basketball, and no other athlete is better for the cast than Candace Parker. The Sparks star is already in Los Angeles. The 2-time WNBA MVP and LeBron can meet up and film part of it at Staples Center with ease. Plus, Parker has already shown that she can take over the spotlight when needed based on her frequent appearances on NBA on TNT and on Kevin Garnett’s Area 21.

And this wouldn’t even be the first time that LeBron and Parker worked on a project together. Parker was a guest on LeBron’s HBO show The Shop where she explained the sacrifices she had to make to balance her time as a mother and as a professional athlete.

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is charismatic as hell, and he probably has a bright future in television once his playing days are over so why not start now? You know he’s going to throw in “Trust the process” in there somewhere and it’ll be a huge hit for everyone in theater. His appearance is worth just that line. And he shouldn’t even be the only 76ers player to make the cast.

Ben Simmons

Before LeBron announced he was going to the Lakers, there was a ton of speculation that he was joining the Philadelphia 76ers. Part of that was because he and Ben Simmons are friends. There have been a handful of Instagram videos with the two working out together. And just because LeBron decided to head west doesn’t mean this friendship is over. They can continue that on the movie set.

LeBron once compared Ben Simmons to himself, so he might make for the perfect player whose talents can be taken over by Swackhammer and his new iteration of Monstars. A scene where LeBron a Simmons-talented Monstar play one-on-one could be legendary.

James Jones

It’s not a LeBron James project without the help of James Jones. Just take a look at the majority of LeBron’s NBA career; you’re going to see the real King James by his side. Jones was with LeBron for three championship runs — two with the Miami Heat and one with the Cavaliers. Give James Jones the overlooked hero role in the movie and have him make the game-winning shot. He might be busy nowadays given that he’s the vice president of basketball operations for the Phoenix Suns, but it never hurts to ask.

Also Kevin Hart will be in it. He’ll play the same type of role Wayne Knight played in the original. Book it.