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Padel player hospitalized after crashing through glass mid-match

Thankfully Paquito Navarro is OK.

A horrible accident in the sport of padel has left a player hospitalized after suffering severe cuts when he crashed through the back glass wall of the court.

Paquito Navarro was competing in the Oeiras Valley Portugal Padel Masters when he crashed into one of the back walls during the 11th game in the second set. The wall, which is made of plastic glass, shattered on impact and left the player in a heap on the ground while fans in the stands screamed at what they’d witnessed.

Navarro was taken to the hospital and is reportedly in a stable condition after sustaining numerous cuts in the accident. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Padel, a sport with huge popularity in Hispanic countries, doesn’t see much play in the United States. It’s a cross between tennis and squash, and is always played in doubles.